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All too often agencies and organizations find themselves overwhelmed by the ever-changing landscape of the mental health field. New diagnoses and research emerge every year which can add to our knowledge base and inform our practice. Agencies are often tasked with assisting the most challenging presentations and issues for clients, and can benefit from the expertise SITKA has to offer.


With fifteen years experience in mental and behavioural health as well as with the systems and agencies that operate in the sector, SITKA provides an array of consultation and training services. Organizations, agencies, companies and firms can access expertise in the mental and behavioural health field tailored to their needs. We provide training, seminars, consulting and support services to any organization in need. With a history of interfacing with psychiatry, mental health, public health and the non profit sectors, SITKA can provide your team of professionals the specialized training and consultation they need to deliver the most optimal services possible. Serving Burnaby, Vancouver and the Lower Mainland in practice consulting, education and training, we can augment and strengthen any community service, agency, team or program.

Our specialties include:

trauma-informed practice | compassion fatigue support | practice consulting | multi-axial and comorbidities | concurrent disorders | child and youth mental health | attachment trauma | neurodevelopmental disorders | child welfare | sexual abuse | family preservation | marginalized populations | outreach and crisis services | harm reduction

SITKA | Benefit from our expertise and develop your practice.